Transformation: A New Day and A New Look

As the Las Vegas, NV technology scene evolves from a petri dish of Start-Up Companies to this 5000cc graduated cylinder of App giants, tech all-stars, innovative youngsters, one thing remains the same. Their websites evolve. From home page updates and image changes to source code and new programming languages it’s what all websites have in common. Change. We’re not talking about your sisters blog about cats, we’re talking about fully scaled websites that display more than 10,000 pages of content and hold over 50,000 comments most of which are just from today.

Depending on which way you see this, one of two sayings are true. Change is good or change is bad. Most of the things that associate with change being bad are related to individual preferences and personal items getting moved around. Like all of your cups being moved to a new cupboard without your permission. To some, that is a bad change. Change being associated with good can be related to the hype of new content being displayed successfully inside of an application on your phone or tablet. Change is good when you want to find out the latest details on celebrity gossip, or weather updates for a pending sporting event. So like I said, depending on the topic and person, change can be either good or bad.

So why are we talking about change? Well, Orion Network Solutions’ website has evolved from a single page website to a scaleable WordPress website driven by a custom theme, many fancy plugins and skilled designers and developers. Our staff got together and decided that it’s time to upgrade our own website to accurately portray what we build for others and our company personality. After all, most IT companies never take the time to build a solid and useful website for their own business; opting to quickly “just get something online and we’ll fix it later” which quickly becomes stale and irrelevant. Not us. Not anymore.

We’ve updated our personal working portfolio, included staff images (for better, for worse; you decide…) and optimized our entire website into something that is actually usable on any size screen. That’s right. It’s called responsive design. Go ahead and view our site on a smart phone or a tablet. Our website will magically transform into a usable site that fits perfectly on your device’s screen.

But that’s not all, Orion Network Solutions has been busy adding new team members, new equipment and moving offices. With all of these changes going on in our busy world of Information Technology and Software Development, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest and greatest Orion Network Solutions News.


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