Exactly how popular is WordPress today?

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world, and online. Did we mention that it’s also free? Did we also forget to mention that there are literally thousands and thousands of plugins available to make your WordPress site do exactly what you want? Well now we didn’t forget to tell you. WordPress is so popular, that 20% of all websites on the Internet are using WordPress to manage their content, according to an article wirrten by Austin Gunter of WPENGINE, on January 16th, 2013. It’s now a year and some change later. So you can imagine that this number has grown to somewhere like 22% or even 23.

We’re surprised that the number is not higher. Orion Network Solutions website is powered by WordPress. Many of the websites that our company builds and supports are too. You can view our work to see more WordPress powered websites.

We had no idea that WordPress was so popular that the United States Government, and members, decided to use it. U.S. Nevada Senator Harry Reid has a website built on top of WordPress. U.S. Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has a website built on top of WordPress. So it should be no Surprise that “The home of the U.S. Government’s open data” has a website that is built on top of WordPress. It’s called Data.gov.

What is Data.gov?

According to their home page:”Here you will find data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more”. On Data.gov, you can find helpful weather tools like NOAA National Weather Service – National Mosaic of Weather Radar and Climate Data Online (CDO).

Orion Network Solutions has had the privilege to help construct parts of both the NOAA.gov and Climate Data websites. So you can imagine why we’re writing an article about WordPress and Government Entities. It’s what we do best at Orion Network Solutions.


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